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My theater features what I consider the world's best speaker systems, the MartinLogan electrostatic speakers.

The models I use as my main speakers are the MartinLogan Monolith III. These top-of-the-line units can fill large spaces at realistic concert levels. For the rear channels I use the MartinLogan Sequel II. Both pairs of these six foot high beauties have crystal clear highs and the smoothest midrange of any speaker I've ever heard (and I've auditioned many!). The MartinLogans are the only speaker system to pass my 'Piano' test. Meaning that the speaker must readily convince me there is a grand piano in the room when playing solo piano music. Since I grew up in a household with a Steinway grand in the living room played by a Julliard grad, I believe I have a good frame of reference for what that sound should be. 

One of the features of the Martin Logan that helps them achieve this feat is the fact that they are dipolar radiators, which emit equal amounts of energy towards the front as the rear. This means they must be placed well away from the rear wall, so mine sit at about four feet into the room. 

While these ML speakers have large bass drivers (12" - Monolith, 10" - Sequel), their placement in the room is not conducive to the best bass reinforcement, so low frequency reproduction in my system is augmented by a subwoofer. 

Subwoofers reproduce the lowest octaves of music. These are the longest waveforms, so it generally takes large drivers and lots of power to generate a high volume of low frequency sound. And since I like lots of bass I don't have just any subwoofer, I built a custom Infinite Baffle subwoofer using four 15" drivers in an inverse manifold array (the drivers are in the room). This beast outperforms the two Velodyne ULD-18's I used to have in the room. Read my install story about this unique IB.
The room actually gets pressurized on ultra-low frequencies. And the quality is outstanding. It is clean enough to be a definite compliment to the Martin Logan's.

While the system is capable of astounding levels of loudness, it does so with very little distortion. So little in fact that often listeners will attempt to converse until they realize they can't even hear themselves ! 

Since the system is capable of more than just stereo music reproduction, it also features a center channel speaker along with side and rear speakers. 

Side speakers are currently some Mirage OmniSat FX's. They are fine for the current side 'fill' application. Their wide radiation pattern suits the location and provides an improved soundstage.

The center channel is one of the most important channels, and yet most manufacturers short-change this critical channel with models that are nowhere near as capable as their normal line.  Martin Logan is no different, and considering the size constraints most people have with respect to a center, that's not surprising. However, I'm lucky to have the space and an acoustically transparent screen. So I designed and built my own Martin Logan derived center channel. I call it the SL3XC, and you can read more about this unique center at this link.

Click here for an animated look at the Front three speakers with and without the screen.

Martin Logan

Martin Logan Monolith III