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Home Theater Space

The most important part of any sound system is the room in which it is placed. My system lives in a large (26' X 15.1') custom designed dedicated home theater room with 10' high ceiling, yielding a large volume for the best placement of equipment and listeners. 

A high-performance audio system (or home theater) needs the right combination of space, treatments and equipment setup to sound the best.
This current configuration represents 9+ years of research, measurements and testing resulting in an amazing sound reproduction experience.

The acoustics of the room are fully treated. With a full complement of devices from several vendors, the room is a low resonance, ideal acoustic space for the big dipole ESL speakers and that big InfiniteBaffle sub.

The primary treatments come from RealTraps, featuring the MiniTraps HF behind the front speaker array, multiple large MondoTraps in corners, as well as MondoTraps along the length of the room at the ceiling/wall juncture. A total of 25 elements are installed. A diagram of the treatments positioning is here.

The RPG Acoustics elements I currently use are BassTraps, Skyline diffusers on the rear wall, and ProFoam absorption on certain sections. Additionally, I use Auralex diffusers and LENRD corner bass traps in non-critical areas, even the equipment room has some treatments to reduce fan noise from the gear.

As noted, the room is a 15.1' X 25.9' X 10', which is calculated to minimize acoustic problems and sized to fit the Martin Logan speaker set.

There is a 1' high dais in the middle-back of the room to accommodate a second row and give those viewers a clean shot at the screen.

Behind the screen is a wall that separates the main room from an equipment room. This is accessed by a door on the right hand side. An equal sized opening on the left, accessed via a bi-fold door, displays the AV equipment rack by Salamander Designs. This is a large 7' x 5' Synergy system (Twin 40's+Twin 30's) that is large enough to currently hold 23 pieces of gear. Although most of the time both access doors are closed and the equipment is driven via automation control as well as IR sensors and infrared emitters.

This individually cooled equipment room also houses the HomeTheater PC, the home's automation controller PC, the house-wide data server (all CDs are stored on it ), all the network hubs and data-comm equipment. The house has Gig-Ethernet to every room (24 port gig-e central switch, several 8 port Gig-e switches in loft and offices), plus Satellite signal distribution to the rooms that need it. And last but not least, the homes voice communications system (sometimes known as telephone) is also housed and distributed from here.
In addition to the wired Ethernet, this house also has a WiFi 802.11b/g/n wireless Ethernet router located in this room.

The room size, the treatments and careful positioning all combine to create an ideal environment for providing one of the greatest listening and viewing experiences available.

Full details on the benefits and results of these treatments, along with tons of of measurements and additional photos can be found on this massive thread I started on the topic of room treatments for MartinLogan setups.

And in the Part 2 of Room Treatments,  decor is now included.

This is current front view of the room showing the new custom acoustic treatment with built in light panels based on old MartinLogan panels repurposed for this.

Xstatic theater

And here is a rear panoramic view of the room:

rear view

Floor Plan
Home Theater Plan

Room Acoustics Treatments layout
Xstatic Room Acoustics treatments
Click on image for larger view