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First and foremost I enjoy quality sound reproduction, as listening to music is an important part of my life. No matter what I'm doing, there has to be music to accompany the activity. So my system is primarily aimed at satisfying my demanding tastes in music reproduction. Secondly, I like watching movies, but dislike the poor quality of sound reproduction in most theaters, which along with other problems like sticky seats and noisy patrons, makes movie going a painful experience. So the solution is a quality home theater where the movie experience can be had in a controlled environment. To satisfy these two demands, I've put together a collection of equipment, furniture and space arrangement that provides an integrated solution to the needs presented by music listening and movie watching.

The following links will walk you through these elements of the home theater:

Space AV Room 
Speakers Martin Logan Icon
Equipment Denon AVP 
Video DisplayG70 Mini
PowerBalanced Power
Automation Viewsonic VP110 

Xstatic Theater

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