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Any self respecting Audiophile is never happy with the status quo, therefore I'm always planning on what's next.

At this point (early 2010), pretty much all the acoustic work is done. Only hanging some elements on the ceiling really remains to be done.

The projector upgrade is probably the next step.

I went to the 2009 CES to see if there was any reveal of a discreet illuminator (LED or laser) front projector. But alas, no practical unit was shown or announced. So maybe in 2011 they will start to show.

In the meantime, I'm leaning strongly towards a JVC RS35/HD990 DILA projector if my CRT keels over.

On the source front, I will add the latest universal player from Denon, the BDP-4010UDci which is the perfect mate to the AVP-A1HD preamp, with its support for DenonLink 4.

Amps are probably another area for future improvement, although those Sunfires are sure nice, all reports are that a set of Sanders amps is the hot thing for MartinLogans. So I'll explore a config that looks like this:

Monolith Panel – left front - Sanders Monoblock
Monolith Panel – right front - Sanders Monoblock
SL3XC Panel – center front - Sanders Monoblock
Sequel Panel – left rear - Sanders Stereo Ch1
Sequel Panel – right rear - Sanders Stereo Ch2

Low freq.-
Monolith Woofer – left front – Sunfire CGS Ch1
Monolith Woofer – right front - Sunfire CGS Ch2
SL3XC LineArray – center front set1 - Sunfire CGS Ch4
SL3XC LineArray – center front set 2- Sunfire CGS Ch5
Sequel Woofer – left rear - Sunfire CG Ch1
Sequel woofer – right rear - Sunfire CG Ch2
Mirage OmniFX – left side - Sunfire CG Ch4
Mirage OmniFX – right side - Sunfire CG Ch5
Infinite Baffle Sub – Sunfire Stereo

Height channel speaker would use Sunfire CG Ch3.

Anyone looking to sell a used set of Sanders (or Innersound) monoblocks or ESL amps, please contact me. I might be in the right mood ;-)





Sanders Monoblock Amp