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Meridian 568

Old info on my trusty Meridian 568. It's such a classic and a featured part of my system for so long, that I keep this info around.


MeridianAt the heart of his system is the wonderful Meridian 568 surround processor. 

This unit has the world's best synthesized soundfields, with the exclusive Trifield being the best for enhancing the reproduction from two channel audio sources.

Its implementation of Dolby Digital and DTS is excellent, much preferred to the 'canned' chip implementations other processors use.

Read the rave reviews of the benchmark processor: By John Kotches for WidescreenReview, and the one at  Secrets of High Fidelity

And for those Meridian owners, or those curious about what we have to say, here is a great Meridian discussion Forum.

Highlights of this processor are: 

  • Fully digital signal processing 
  • Dolby Pro-Logic and Prologic IIx decoding in the digital domain 
  • THX certified with THX DD and DTS modes 
  • Eight Digital or Analogue outputs
  • Ambisonics decoding
  • Trifield soundfield processing 
  • Dolby Digital with EX support
  • DTS
  • Upsampling inputs with Jitter reduction
  • 7.1 outputs with support for steered sides and rears
  • Time aligned speaker outputs

In addition to the 568, I have a Meridian 518 processor to handle de-jittering the various DVR box digital audio outputs. Review of the 518 here.



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