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Progress over the past 20 years in audio

My take on what are the most significant advances in that period. Much has happened and much of it sets the foundation for what will come.

Forecast for the next 20 years in audio (circa 2009)

My prognostications on where I see significant changes and innovations happening in this time-horizon. Some are pretty far-out.

Review of a past prediction from 1988

A review of a paper I wrote in 1988 addressing the opportunities I saw at the time around modular, extensible audio systems I called AudioBus.

Topics I've discussed in-depth on forums

Room correction Measurement process

In this extensive thread on the MartinLogan club, I go into great detail on the specific recommendations for performing room correction (e.g. Audyssey) measurements.

Room treatments

Long thread on the effects and benefits of room treatments for dipole speakers. Chock full of measurements and pictures of my treated room.

Part 2 of Room Treatments, this time decor is included.

The importance of timing and delay in Audio systems

Timing is everything... a discussion of why accurately setting delays and adjusting phase is important for multichannel soundfield cohesion.

Bass management issues with high-Rez audio playback devices

Design and build of a custom center speaker to match the Monoliths

In this huge thread I document in great detail, the design process and build of my large, high-performance center channel speaker system.

Woofer replacement in a MartinLogan Monolith

In this thread I document the selection process as well as the physical replacement steps when upgrading the woofers in my Monoliths.


Full list of Threads I've started on the MartinLogan club


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